April 10, 2013

I can not believe that my last post was over a year ago! What a slacker! A lot has changed over the year. I moved…into a house…in Las Vegas…with a boy…I now think about things like, ‘how in the world am I going to afford that?!’ and ‘what’s the cheapest thing I can buy for dinner?’ and ‘how am I going to save for my future?!’ Its all a new experience. 

100% Organic Ostrich

That’s right folks! I had myself a 100% organic ostrich burger. Sean and I meandered through the city the other night after getting off of work and found that this place had finally opened. Bare Burger. The sign had been up for months and my curiosity was peaking. Looking through the menu….there was beef, chicken, boar, elk, bison, lamb and ostrich. All 100% organic….I had it done right with blue cheese, mushrooms, grilled onions, bacon, lettuce and apple chutney. I have to admit….it wasn’t gamey to say the least and perhaps a bit dry….but surely tasty! Ostrich is a very lean bird so I took this into account while eating this extreme burger. Sean got the boar, which was very gamey, and enjoyed every last bite…. 

Kiku Sushi – Date Night

Wednesday nights have kinda turned into Date Night for Sean and I. While this may have happened only a handful of times due to our demandingly strange schedules…we have found a number of great places. Last week we went to Kiku Sushi….








We started with soup. Both had their own unique flavors. Sean got the Spicy Miso Soup, which had an unexpected tied-up noodle in it…and I had the Egg Drop (?) Seafood soup, which was exceptional! Next, we had the carpaccio. MMmm-azing!Seriously…if it wasn’t expensive…we probably would have devoured more than one appetizer. I never wanted it to end….and though pictures are deceiving….this guy was only about 3 bites each….on to the sushi! We kinda copped out when it came to the sushi. We both chose one roll which happened to be a spicy tuna and a tuna mango roll and ended it with 4 pieces of Uni (sea urchin). Both rolls were deliciously typical but the uni was outta-this-world. Sean and I were on cloud-9. Fresh, sweet uni.



Friends in food

I work at a certain organic certified grocery store….and while it may be taxing on my nerves and I may have turned into the worst customer service person ever….there are little perks. Like this little guy!

Found on the grapefruit…from Florida. Exciting!

Some Days…

There are long and rather bleak days…and then there are long days filled with people who can’t read a label on a box and believes something is better for them ’cause it has more milligrams….not taking into account that they are looking at TWO completely different products! More is ALWAYS better, right? Or perhaps something is ‘mislabeled’ because it happens to be a different product than what you are looking for…and ‘I travelled all the way over here to get the item only for it to be mislabeled?’ No silly…listen to me!

These people need a high-five….to the face…with a chair.

The best thing I did today?……take off my shoes. Stepped out of my work life and into my real life. Love it.

Back to work tomorrow…..hoping for the best! LOL!

Scouting out our time in St. Marks.

Last night my boy and I ventured out to this little restaurant on St. Marks called : Taishu Izakaya Kenka. I have no idea what in the world it means…but it’s this little silly place with many small dishes and drinks.

So we skimmed the menu… heh heh heh…

1. Fried Rice Balls with Miso

2. Kimchee

3. Pan-Fried Intestines with Miso

4. Pan-seared Beef with Grilled Onions and Garlic

5. Pork Dumplings with a Miso Sauce

6.Pan Fried Seared Tuna with Ponzu Sauce

7. Udon noodles with Pork and Calamari

8. Fried Calamari with Lemon and Mayo.

The atmosphere here gets louder by the second….so get there early….they open at 6pm. It seems promising most of the time. And look forward to the dessert at the end…..its complementary and reminds you of being a kid again. 

The good, the bad, and the ugly…

Healthy lunchThis week has me thinking about the old classic….The Good, the Bad and The Ugly. It might not just be the movie itself…but the title. My world these past 2 weeks have been just that. Good. Bad. and Ugly.

Lets talk about the ‘Good‘ first. Last week during one of our many store meetings. there is mention of the 28-day challenge coming up before the biometric testing on the 21st of February. I was SO looking forward to partaking in this challenge this year….’cause I just missed the cut-off period from last year. I signed up immediately. I will work for this…I WILL get 30% !!! My BP is low…I am a non-smoker….and I will work on my BMI and Cholesterol….since I don’t techinically know what those numbers are. I will get healthy!!! So I went in search of fun albeit healthy foods. No added oil, salt or fat….and I made it. Ta-DA!

Blueberries, wheatberries, baked salmon and fresh lemon juice. YUM! It may seem a bit strange to some people, but to me…I’m getting my antioxidants, my protein, fiber and B and E vitamins! Whoo hoo! Since I’ve been on this spell….I’ve been feeling good! Happy! and not hungry.

So that’s it for the good….now the Bad. This week…I got a cold and along with it….just everything else went with it. Every time I get a cold….my BF decides that he will ignore me for fear of getting it himself… so no comfort there….then as I go to the store to get groceries….I come back and my car is no where to be found. TOWED> Damn. So out I go…in all my sickness and pay the tickets and find my car….Still no sign of my BF….but I did make a tasty chicken soup.

The Ugly. Customers. They are ignorant impatient people who only think of themselves and their needs… I mean…its their money. their time. No one around them matters. As grocery employees….we are the dirt they rub off of their feet when they step into the store. I have never treated people the way that I am treated here. EVER. A woman berates me for leaving my post as cashier to help another customer. Goes on and on and on….as if to waste my time like I apparently wasted hers. I explain that there are indeed 30 registers downstairs and yes, I am the only employee up here at the moment…..but I was HELPING another person. She would not let it go….and it was bringing me down quickly….God forbid I actually tell this woman off….I’d be fired by tomorrow afternoon! The man I was helping was getting an earful of this….and shaking his head he speaks loudly in her direction…’THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP! YOU WERE THE BEST EMPLOYEE HERE!’…..on and on he went….I turned beet red. And then I thanked him for putting a smile on my face.

I reached the point this week when I was like, ‘Screw NYC! It just keeps biting me in the ass! I can never catch up! The people are bitter and mean. Time to move.’


I’ve been thinking about my creative juices recently. Brought on by my bf who is a photographer and has begun taking more and more pictures and developing them himself in his tiny bathroom. I don’t know how he fits an enlarger in there…..but he makes it work. That being said…. he makes me want to create my own pieces of work. I want to get into printing again. Why?! Only Lord knows….but the need is there….and I need to take this opportunity. Now I need to find a press…..

Twinkie Trouble?

No…seriously…They are going bankrupt…..

Image                                                             How are we going to handle this? How are we going to tell our future kids about the days when you could go to any super market or 7-11 and pick up a box or a cellophaned bag of twinkies and eat them any way you pleased and not worry about the expiration date ’cause they lasted forever…???

      -Some people just ate them out of the plastic…one by one

      -Others had plans….First you had to break open your twinkie and lick all of the good creamy filling out before eating the cake on the outside. 

      -Some enjoyed making a mess by sticking their fingers into the twinkies and pulling out the all delicious cream…making everything STICKY…but ohh so habit forming…

      -I have to admit…I loved my twinkies! Look at my middle school photos….That weight… was from many things….like Twinkies and all of the other Hostess goodies. 

I admit…I wandered over to three Bodegas in my neighborhood this evening. Not one of them sold twinkies…..though the HOSTESS brand was visible throughout the store. People who owned these stores claimed they didn’t know why they haven’t been getting twinkies or that people wouldn’t buy them at the escalated price of $2. and change…Perhaps its a twinkie rebellion! Occupy Twinkie! Occupy whatever you want….but find me a damn twinkie.